Cultural Translation

The accuracy of translation tools are progressively improving and becoming more and more handy. However, direct translation may not work on certain occasions because of what seems to be a lack of confidence in one culture may be viewed as humbleness in another, and trying to be efficient may be considered as carelessness.
In spoken language, with the help of facial expressions, gestures and the tone of voice, perhaps it is easier to communicate with subtle nuances. When it comes to written language, on the other hand, none of the supportive fringes are available. Causing troubles by miswording is not too uncommon even among native speakers of a single language.
But rest assured that when we translate, we also take those cultural aspects into account and sometimes even rephrase sentences to fit within the frame of the culture of the target language.
If you have translation/interpretation needs, whether short or long, or casual or professional, let us help you with our culturally minded translation services.

Translation Service

If you need any English to Japanese translation, we can help you. From a simple letter/email to a menu/website for your business to flyers/manuals, ask us for free quote.

Our rate
Simple/daily language 10-15 cents/Japanese character
Business/industry specific language 15-20 cents/Japanese character

Character count will be made by copying and pasting onto Word. For characters in images and other non-copiable texts, please ask for a consultation.

Interpretation Service

Translation is for written language whereas interpretation is for spoken language. We also provide interpretation services. In most cases, in person interpretation is provided; however, on certain occasions telephone interpretation can be used. These include cases where interpretation is needed for a very short period of time or interpretation is needed in remote locations and a physical presence is not practical. Please consult us for a free quote regarding your specific needs.

Note: In addition to the above, the interpreter’s travel cost may apply from Tokyo.

Business meeting package
Handout translation (up to 1,000 English words) $150.00
Pre-meeting and briefing (up to 1 hour) $50.00
Actual meeting interpretation (up to 2 hours) $400.00
Meeting minutes $50.00
Post-meeting follow-up email responses (up to 10 emails) $50.00
Total Charge: 700.00 Package Reduced Price: $499.00

Other Bilingual Support

As fascinating and inspiring to be in a foreign land as it may, it could also be frustrating and tantalizing just because certain things are very difficult to figure out as a foreigner. A simple task of buying some gadget on the internet may be even puzzling. It could be something business related or personal. If you have any difficulties in doing certain things, please do not hesitate to consult us.