(English) Most Stolen Item in Japan


  1. Yet, my Coach wallet, filled with US $, JPY ¥, credit cards and ID that I left outside a restaurant on a bench… was turned in to the manager, secured in a safe AND the manager took a train back to the restaurant at about 8:00pm to get it out for me.

    Not one thing was missing.

    My 100¥ transparent umbrella …. I can handle that being seen as a donation. ?

    Most importantly… as unfortunately being something the Japanese are not proud of….. it still amnazes me that there is actually guilt felt if they take an item worth 100¥ I wish so badly that it was like this back home.

    1. Thank you for saying that about the sense of guild bit. Of course, there are worse crimes happening each day in Japan as well. But overall it is pretty peaceful in general. Glad you got your wallet back in tact.

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