Most Stolen Item in Japan

Compared to many other countries, Japan is known to be one of the safest and has the lowest crime rates. So things would never be stolen in Japan, right? Unfortunately, wrong. As a matter of fact, there is at least one item that is stolen all the time. So much so that it is almost understood as a normal thing.
The item is a transparent umbrella that is sold at convenient stores and 100 yen shops. For some people a transparent umbrella is just a one-time use item you buy when you need it and throw away when it is no longer needed.
Due to this crazy global climate change, so called “guerrilla rain” – a short term intensive rain – is becoming a more and more common event in Japan especially during the rainy season. You don’t want to waste a few hours just because you didn’t bring your umbrella, so you buy one and leave it at the umbrella stand when you are done. This creates a false sense of donating an umbrella for communal use to some.
When they need one, some people just take it from the umbrella stand and walk away. Although the diameter and minor details may be different, these transparent umbrellas are mass produced and essentially the same. Some people “upgrade” his/her umbrella by picking a newer or bigger one on the way out.
You can walk into a 7-eleven for a coffee. It is not surprising to find out that your shiny, transparent one is taken during this 3 minute period. We are not proud of it. And I’m not saying this is what everybody does. But it happens quite often.
One thing though, if you have a colored umbrella or something other than the mass produced ones, those umbrella thieves will usually stay away from it. But now you know, if you leave your transparent umbrella on a stand, it might be the last time you see it.
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– C2Gi Immersion Center


  1. Yet, my Coach wallet, filled with US $, JPY ¥, credit cards and ID that I left outside a restaurant on a bench… was turned in to the manager, secured in a safe AND the manager took a train back to the restaurant at about 8:00pm to get it out for me.

    Not one thing was missing.

    My 100¥ transparent umbrella …. I can handle that being seen as a donation. ?

    Most importantly… as unfortunately being something the Japanese are not proud of….. it still amnazes me that there is actually guilt felt if they take an item worth 100¥ I wish so badly that it was like this back home.

    1. Thank you for saying that about the sense of guild bit. Of course, there are worse crimes happening each day in Japan as well. But overall it is pretty peaceful in general. Glad you got your wallet back in tact.

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