Kogarashi No. 1 – What is it?

Have you ever heard the words, “Kogarashi Ichi-Gou” around October or November? If you are watching weather reports on TV in Japanese, you may have. It refers to a specific kind of wind, found this time of year.

A specific definition of “Kogarashi Ichi-Gou” is “the 1st wind from North with the velocity of more than 8 meters (approx. 26 feet) per second during October or November”. Traditionally in Japan, when this wind blows, it signifies the beginning of winter and people get in the frame of mind that winter has officially started. “Kogarashi Ichi-Gou” will be announced all over the weather reports and people talk about it when it happens. So if you know about it, you won’t miss it.

By the way, the verb meaning to blow in Japanese is “fuku”. So a typical sentence about the wind will be something along the following lines:

“Kogarashi Ichi-Gou ga kyou fuki-mashita.”
(Kogarashi No.1 blew today.)

If you know the “masu” form and a little bit of Japanese, try using the cultural term, “Kogarashi Ichi-Gou” in conversation.

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– C2Gi Immersion Center