The First 100 Japanese Words to Get You Started

Learning a language that is remote from your own is quite challenging but at the same time, it will be that much more rewarding.

In many languages when you have learned about 3 to 4 thousand words, you are entering into an intermediate level, and you will be able to combine all you know to somehow manage to get the meaning across. However, until you hit the plateau, your struggle will continue.

The number of 3,000 to 4,000 seems overwhelming when it comes to memorizing words; however, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step as they say. So does yours.

By the way, did you know learning a word becomes progressively easier as your vocabulary size grows? The reasoning behind this is that your brain starts to recognize certain patterns of the vocabulary in a language. You will notice the suffixes/prefixes and parts of speech. After all, for any language, it has to have some organized structure that can sustain the complexity of the language itself.

So here we are. We put together 100 Japanese words to get you started. They are categorized in 10 different groups for you to easily organize. Please download the copyright free PDF file below.

The First 100 Japanese Words to Get You Started (PDF download)

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