May Sickness

In Japan, April is generally the beginning of the school year for all students from kindergarten to university. Therefore, most students who graduated from college will enter into the real world in April as well. Because of this, many Japanese corporations set April as the beginning of the fiscal year.

It is no wonder that moving companies charge extra during the time roughly around February to May for this reason. If a boss is thinking about asking an employee to relocate, now is the time. If a one year contract is to be renewed, again this is the time. Many people’s lives are changed during this time of the year, making April an exciting month but at the same time a stressful one.

Right after Golden Week, the week with consecutive Japanese national holidays, some people mentally collapse to various degrees due to the stress accumulated by this point. This is what Japanese people call, “May Sickness”. This is often characterized by depression and becoming lethargic.

People may mention being stressed and overwhelmed and jokingly say that they have May Sickness around this time. Have you heard any Japanese people say these words lately? Hope you are not having May Sickness and rather are enjoying the hint of sunny fine days on your way.

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– C2Gi Immersion Center